A system designed FOR fishermen and developed WITH fishermen!

We believe that it is possible to find solutions to enable the commercial fishing market to reach its full potential, while living in harmony with marine life.

The result of the team’s engineering and close collaboration with fishermen, the DRS (Devocean Rise on Demand) has been tested with fishermen for several years.

DRS makes you more competitive, easy to use, practical and safe.

Want to know if DRS is for you?

How does it work?

Our innovative buoy attaches directly to the trap and sinks with it to the bottom.

When the angler is ready to pick up his trap, a unique acoustic key is sent to the buoy from the boat, triggering its ascent to the surface.

This eliminates marine mammal entanglement and, by the same token, enables fishing in closed areas.

What does DRS include?


  • Compatible with traditional ropes.
  • Allows fishing up to 250 meters.
  • Life span of more than 10 years.

On-board computer

  • Easy-to-use application.
  • Buoy tracking.
  • Simple triggering of the buoy’s rising

Deck unit

  • Automatically rewinds the rope while the trap is brought back on board.
  • Prevents dangerous accumulation of rope on deck.

Trigger system

  • Triggering possible at 1 km distance.
  • Unique key to the fisherman owner.
  • Timer option.

Why use DRS?

Our systems enable the rehabilitation of certain lucrative fishing zones in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, including those frequented by marine mammals, in particular critically endangered right whales.

In addition to the fishing equipment already in use.

No time wasted.

Impossible to be triggered by anyone else.

Allows fishing in closed areas.

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