We believe in sustainable fishing.

Devocean is developing a ropeless crab fishing solution. This system will allow fishermen to re-enter several lucrative areas of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, currently restricted due to the danger traditional fishing equipment is representing for marine mammals, especially whales.

Our system focus on:


Does not imply any adaptation for the user.


Minimal weight and size to optimize space, effort and time efficiency.


Trigger guaranteed at the needed time.


The buoy can only be triggered by the owner.

A few numbers

50 000

Ropes are connecting crab traps to their buoy on the surface during fishing season; a giant maze for marine mammals, and their main cause of death in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence.


Right whales breeding females remaining in the world.


Of right whales population has already entangled once in traditional fishing equipment.


Of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence crab fishing area is now under dynamic closures.


Fishing seasons are now 30% longer, for 10% loss in total benefits for fishers.


Finalist in the successors category of the 2019 CREATEK Contest.

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