Does not require any adaptation from users.


The buoy can only be triggered by its owner.


Optimized size and weight to save space and time.


Rapid recovery is guaranteed.

We develop an innovative ropeless crab fishing system.

The goal is to eliminate the kilometers of rope connecting each cage at the bottom of the water to a buoy on the surface. Our system involves loading the line with the cage at the seabed and only releasing the buoy when the fisherman is ready to recover their catch.

This new generation buoy is attached directly to the crab trap and stay with it to the seabed.

An acoustic signal triggered by the owner allow the buoy to rapidly rise to the surface.

What we offer is a simple on-board device, with an intuitive interface requiring minimal handling.

Our boat unit rewind the rope automatically inside the buoy WHILE the trap is pull back on board.

Our vision

Thanks to the expertise of all the professionals who support us, our team of engineering graduates from the University of Sherbrooke is currently working on a solution that tackles the environmental challenges faced by the fishing industry. Once on the market, our product aims to make cage fishing, particularly crab fishing, more sustainable and profitable.

It is by collaborating with the key actors in the community and by placing fishermen at the heart of our development that we intend to provide a solution adapted to the needs of the industry.

Our partnerships

Product development in the MRC du Roché-Percé makes it possible to bring out the technological challenges with which regional crab fishermen have to contend.

Devocean called on various players in the maritime industry in order to fully grasp the reality of this environment and to offer a solution adapted to the needs of its customers. Sea excursions have already taken place with the precious help of René Cyr, Lauréat Lelièvre, Daniel Desbois, Merinov and l’AGHAMM and others are planned with Daniel Desbois and Lyne Morissette, world-renowned marine biologist. Mr. Cyr, Francis Parisé fils and Mr. Desbois also demonstrated their interest for the project through letters of support. In addition, Devocean works closely with community organizations such as the Association des Crabiers Gaspésiens, Conception Navale FMP, Merinov, Fipec, AGHAMM, CWF and the MRC du Rocher-Percé.

The Devocean team firmly believes that it is through this spirit of collaboration and mutual help that it will be possible to develop an eco-friendly, efficient and robust product that will change the future of fishing in Canada and elsewhere.